BidSketch Review

Okay, we have been looking for a great Proposal system for a while now.

We wanted it where the signatures were secure enough we could also use it for contracts.

We found a system and so we decided to take the trial for a spin, after all they offer a free 14 day trial.
So we jumped on. Now there is one downside, they wanted a credit card up front, however, they did not charge it.
I used one that only had $0.69 in it, because we just don't keep money on it, so we cannot get ripped off, we transfer money
onto that card right before we use it, so that way only what we intend to use is available, because a friend of ours had lost
their shirt.

Anyhow, so they did not even try to charge a $1.00 like other ones that required a credit card, that we had tried.

So I got us in. I was surprised at how easy it was to brand it to our own system. You can check out the login here:
it is the system we are going to stick with and use, because we love how simple it is for even laymen to figure out.

While we are not laymen, I had my son go over it and he is only 12, and he was quickly able to figure it out as well.

So, then I wanted to test out how easy it was to create a project, so I opened up Jing, which can record free 5 minute videos and I recorded a quick video,
me creating my first proposal. Here is the video:

note about my voseo review:

My video was corrupted when I rendered it. So I may create another one. I found the bidsketch very simple and was able to create my first proposal inside of the 5 minutes it recorded. Now when I do another one it will be my second one. So not sure I'll really do it. I just suggest you go get your free trial and try it for yourself. If you want me to do another I will gladly do it, just email me and let me know. My email is

It is limited to 5 minutes, so my last word that it was very easy and nice was cut off, but only 1 word.

That is how fast it was for me to create a quick sample proposal, my first ever with BidSketch!

I highly recommend them, give them at least the 14 days, but work to get it setup in the first day, so you have a solid 13 days to profit from it, then you can pay for it with YOUR profits, and it won't cost you anything, and can even be a tax write-off if you have a good CPA!

Go get your FREE Trial here (no affiliate link, this is just my honest review):